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Still from the film "Living Skin" by ADFP grantee Ahmad Fawzy Saleh

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In parallel with general open call for proposals, which ensures equal access for applicants and provides a continuous barometer for the state of arts and culture in the region, AFAC utilizes its accumulated experience in the region to design programs that can address geographic, thematic and demographically peripheral areas in need of support in the Arab world. AFAC has identified interventions that are critical, visible and meaningful to the region, which require sustained multi-year programs to be addressed. These programs will garner visibility both locally and internationally, and persuade local patrons that a thriving homegrown cultural scene demands support.


The AFAC Documentary Program, launched 2013, is a program that funds and supports creative documentary films that address social realities in the Arab region. The program welcomes, on an annual basis, submissions of short, medium-length and feature documentary film projects that are in development, production and post-production.


The Arab Documentary Photography Program is a jointly funded program by AFAC and the Prince Claus Fund, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation, that aims to support creative documentary photographers in the Arab region, offering grantees both financial and professional support for their proposed photography projects. The program was launched in 2014.


Previous Programs


The AFAC Novel Writing Program is a new intensive year-long training program offered by AFAC in lieu of the annual grant for Literature as a response for the need to offer professional support to aspiring authors in the Arab region. The 2014 edition of the program was launched in partnership with Najwa Barakat’s Al-Mohtaraf. The 2015 and 2016 editions were supervised by the Lebanese writer Jabbour Dweihi.


Crossroads targets independent Arab filmmakers exploring the frontiers of new possibilities offered by the current social and political turmoil in the region by offering both financial and professional support for film projects in development phases directed by emerging filmmakers who are discovering fertile grounds for innovation, creativity and experimentation amidst the upheaval engulfing the region.


AFAC Express provided support to artists and small institutions that are actively engaged within their artistic communities and aspire to expand their activities in response to new realities across the region with financial support for projects and operational expenses. It is founded on a quick-response process using a rolling deadline to funnel emergency financial aid to artists-in-need and institutions and organizations whose resources are being stretched due to the dramatic events taking place in the Arab region.


The Arab Documentary Film Program, ADFP, launched in partnership with the Sundance Documentary Institute in 2009, provided support to creative documentary filmmakers from the Arab world.

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