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From AFAC's presentation in Alexandria - 2011

To learn more about the application process, please go over the questions below and view the AFAC -Info Animation. If you require further clarification on the application process, please e-mail [email protected]

What forms of arts and cultural production does AFAC support?

AFAC has two grant-giving tracks: a general open call for proposals and special programs. The general open call funds projects in five categories: cinema, performing arts, visual arts, music, and RTR (research, training and regional events). Currently AFAC runs four special programs: The AFAC Novel Writing Program, AFAC's Documentary Program, and The Arab Documentary Photography Program.

How can I apply for a grant from AFAC?

All calls for proposals are announced on the website. AFAC only accepts applications during the call cycle. As soon as we announce a call, applicants can begin to fill out applications online. AFAC only accepts applications that are completed online. Please do not send applications by e-mail or mail or try to apply outside of the call for proposal period. Application supplements and supporting work can be sent by mail, but preferably uploaded to sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox or other similar services. Each call for proposal remains open for approximately five months.

When can I apply?

The general call for applications is divided into two calls: In February, we open the call for proposals in the categories Visual Arts and Performing Arts in addition to AFAC Documentary Film Program. the call closes on May 1st of the same year. Following the jury evaluation process, the awarded grants in these three categories will be announced in July on our website.


The other call for Cinema propposals open in May and closes in August. Music, and RTR (Research/Training/Regional events) opens in June and closes in September. The awarded grants will be announced in November.

Does AFAC accept applications from individuals with no institutional backing?

Yes, AFAC supports both individuals and organizations. Approximately 75 percent of our grantees are individuals, while the remaining 25 percent are made up of institutions.

In which languages can I submit my application?

Applications for the general call for proposals in the categories of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Cinema, Music, and RTR (Research, Training and Regional events) can be submitted in Arabic or English. Applications for AFAC Novel Writing Program - ANWP can be submitted in Arabic only., while applications for AFAC Documentary Film Program and the Arab Documentary Photography Program are only available in English. 

Do you accept requests from non-Arab applicants?

AFAC invites all Arab individuals working in the cultural and artistic spheres to send their project proposals regardless of age, years of experience, country of residence, ethnicity, religion or any other factor.


AFAC also accepts proposals from institutions whose project's content are related to Arab culture; this includes NGO's, cultural /educational institutions and centers and organizations, governmental and non-governmental, concerned with culture and the arts.


For cinema applications, a non-Arab producer can apply for a grant provided that the film director is Arab.

What is the minimum and maximum funding amount I can apply for?

AFAc's Maximum grant amount is 50,000 USD.

Does AFAC offer scholarships?

No, AFAC does not grant scholarships.

Does AFAC offer 100% funding for projects?

Yes, AFAC can support 100% funding to certain projects. After a decision is made to award a grant, the jurors recommend the percentage of the requested amount to be awarded for each project to the AFAC board of trustees, which has the final say on granted amounts.

Is it possible to submit a funding request for the creation of a website dealing with culture and literature?

Yes, it is possible to apply for the creation or upgrade of a website dealing with culture, literature and/or the arts through the RTR (Research/Training/Regional Events) call for proposals.

Does AFAC support the production or scripting of feature film projects?

Yes, AFAC supports the production of any cinematic endeavors – short, documentary and feature films, from the development through the post-production stage. Applicants can request support for any stage of the filmmaking process.

Does AFAC support workshops /seminars on culture and the arts?

Yes, AFAC helps fund workshops on arts and culture.

Is it possible to submit applications for funding throughout the year?

No, applications can only be submitted during the open call period.

Is it possible to apply for a grant without attaching examples/samples of previous works?

No, examples and samples are required. If it is an applicant’s first major project, applicants should submit samples from the proposed project, e.g. a chapter from a novel, a film treatment, an act from a play or a chapter of research.

Is it possible for the same organization /individual to submit applications for more than one project?

Yes, it is possible for an organization/individual to submit applications for projects in different categories, provided that applicants apply separately for each project. Applicants may only apply for one project per category per application cycle. If any of the two projects receive a grant from AFAC the second project will be automaticaly canceled.

Does AFAC reconsider projects rejected during a previous cycle?

Yes, but applicants must submit a new application, even if it is for the same project that they applied for during the previous cycle.

Are grantees eligible to apply for grants in future cycles?

Yes, grantees may apply for additional grants. However, grantees that have received grants during two consecutive calls for proposals must wait two years before applying again. This leaves the chance for other applicants to benefit from AFAC’s grants.

Are applicants notified when their applications are received?

Yes, applicants will automatically be notified of their application’s receipt upon electronic submission.

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