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Filmmakers at Cross Roads

The Arab Documentary Photography Program 2016 (ADPP) First Workshop - Beirut

First Workshop of ANWP's Third Edition - Lebanon - June 2016

Second ADPP Workshop in Beirut - February 2016

Snapshot of the Contemporary Dance in the Arab Region

The AFAC Novel Writing Program 2015 Second Workshop

Arab Documentary Photography Program 2015 first workshop - Beirut

Discover the work of AFAC grantee Omar Imam

AFAC's 2015 Performing Arts Grantees

ADPP 2015 Grantees

AFAC visits Sudan

Excerpt form Monumentum by Fadi Yeni Turk

AFAC film week 2015 - Trailer

Yemeni Women with Fighting Spirits - Socotra Island - Yemen

Second ADPP Workshop in Beirut- February 2015

AFAC General Trailer 2015

AFAC Creative Trailer 2015

"InVisible" Public Art Commission - Dubai

AFAC Reception at the Asfari Residence, London - October 30th, 2014

ACEF Reception - New York - September 2014

Oussama Rifahi speaking at "The (Soft) Power of the Arts in a Changing Middle East" pannel

The Arab Documentary Photography Program Press Conference

ACEF 2014 reception at Otium

AFAC Novel Writing Program 1st Workshop - Beirut

AFAC visits Nouakchott - Mauritania

AFAC visits Agadir - Morocco

AFAC visits Marrakesh - Morocco

AFAC visits Casablanca - Morocco

AFAC's Scriptwriting workshop in Jeddah, KSA - April 2014

Documentation of "Red Carpet" exhibition by Mohammed Hawajri - Gaza, Palestine

Art Dubai & the Global Art Forum 2014

Installing "Keep Your Eye On The Wall" - With Curators Monica Santos & Sandra Maunac

AFAC Film Week 2014

Trailer of the film "Harag w' Marag" by Nadine Khan

Trailer of the Film "Family Albums"

Trailer of the film "Birds of September" by Sarah Francis

Trailer of the film "The Disquiet" by Ali Cherry

Trailer of the Film "Waves" by Ahmed Nour

Trailer of the film "Nation Estate" by Larissa Sansour

Trailer of the film "Amal's Garden" by Nadia Shihab

Trailer of "Rags and Tatters" by Ahmad Abdallah

Trailer of "The Mulberry House" by Sara Ishaq

Trailer of "My Love Awaits me by the Sea" by Mais Darwazah

Trailer - AFAC Film Week - 2014

The AFAC-Info Animation

Trailer of the film "Return to Homs" by Talal Derki

Fatmeh - Teaser

Stable Unstable - Trailer

AFAC Creative Documentary Masterclass - Jeddah - December 2013

Ramia beladel

Ayman Abdelhameed

AFAC's music discussion at Metro Al-Madina - November, 2013

AFAC's field visit to Libya - October, 2013

Modern and Contemporary works by Libyan artists

AFAC hosts a brunch at the Toronto International Film Festival - September 2013

"Why Cullture? Competition" presentation at AUD - Dubai

The 10 shortlisted posters of AFAC's "Why Culture?" Competition

"When I Saw You" Trailer

The Runner - Trailer

Oussama Rifahi interviewed at Malta Meeting for Literary Exchange

Camera/Woman Trailer

ADFP Development Workshop - Beirut - February, 2013

Why Culture? Posters

AFAC 2012 end of year event in Dubai

AFAC hosts Crossroads Workshop in Cairo, Egypt - September 2012

Interview With AFAC Crossroads Manager Zeina Zahreddine - Future TV - May 29, 2012

AFAC Field Visit to Libya - May, 2012

Music Week at Esterházy Schloss, Eisenstadt, Austria. may, 2012

AFAC Trailer - 2011

the 5th Annual Donors Meeting held in Beirut - December, 2011

AFAC panel at the Sunny Side of the Docs Market - 2011

AFAC ADFP grantee Karima Zoubeir at DoxBox - 2011

ADFP grantees workshop at Dok-Leipzig, Germany - October, 2011

The Egyptian Pavillion at the Venice Biennale, Italy - June, 2011

AFAC field visit to Egypt- May, 2011

AFAC public meeting in Cairo, Egypt - May 2011

Selection of pictures from the AFAC supported projects

ADFP Workshop in Abu Dhabi film Festival - 2010

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