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Photo by Sarah Sallam from her project "The Forth Pyramid Belongs to Her"

"The Fourth Pyramid Belongs To Her" to be exhibited at Darb 1718

08 Aug, 2018 

Egyptian Photographer Sarah Sallam will be exhibiting “The Fourth Pyramid Belongs To Her” at Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre in Cairo, Egypt from the 8th to the 14th of August 2018.


‘The Forth Pyramid Belongs To Her” was developed in the framework of the Arab Documentary Photography Program, a joint initiative launched by AFAC and the Prince Claus Fund in partnership with the Magnum Foundation.


The project investigates the relationship between personal and collective mourning. It draws analogies between Sallam’s experience of losing her grandmother with historical, touristic, and archaeological perceptions of death that surrounded her growing up in Egypt. In a country where an ancient civilization is buried under years of sand, a tomb may appear in many forms; as a touristic site, a museum hall, an excavation pit, or even as a home. These threads of coexisting attitudes towards the dead are interwoven into Sallam’s project through the juxtaposition of different visual and textual material such as; excerpts from ancient letters and spells, imagery from colonial publications, stills from Egyptian films, a series of collaged portraits of her grandmother, and landscapes depicting the numerous facets of an Egyptian tomb. The project on the whole explores how the emergence of the colonially empowered act of unearthing, collecting and displaying antiquities has affected how the ancient Egyptian heritage in general and the pharaonic death in particular are seen as a spectacle. By portraying her grandmother as a pharaoh, Sallam address the prevailing apathy towards ancient remains perceived globally as artefacts. I attempt to bridge between the emotional personal mourning of a departed beloved with the absent collective mourning of the pharaohs. To read my words mourning her becomes thus an act of mourning my ancestors, and thereby re-acknowledging their forgotten humanity.


Have a glimpse of the photographs at arabdocphotography.org

For more details about the exhibition dates and opening hours, click here

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