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Six AFAC-supported films will feature at TIFF 2018

14 Aug, 2018 

Six films supported by AFAC will have their North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF 2018 (September 6-16, 2018).


“Freedom Fields” by Libyan director Naziha Arebi will have its world premiere as part of the TIFF Docs official selection. The film offers an intimate look at post-revolution Libya through the eyes of an aspiring all-female soccer team, whose struggle to gain mainstream acceptance mirrors the broader challenges facing women in contemporary Libyan society.


“The Day I Lost My Shadow”, by Syrian director Soudade Kaadan, will feature in the Discovery selection, addressing loss and separation, not just from family and loved ones but also from one's own sense of self.


Another AFAC-supported film featuring in the Discovery line-up is “aKasha” by Sudanese documentarian Hajooj Kuka, who takes a self-assured step towards fictional storytelling in this comedy pivoting on a universal offbeat and humorous love story set in a time of civil war between a boy, a girl, and an AK-47 in rebel-held areas of Sudan.


“Screwdriver” by Bassam Jarbawi (Palestine) will also have its North-American premiere at the Festival in the Discovery selection. “Screwdriver” is an incisive drama examining the effects of the Occupation and its attendant traumas.


Algerian director Merzak Allouache’s “Divine Wind” will be presented as part of the Masters selection. The film follows a young man and an enigmatic woman who are called upon by extremists to perform an armed action in the Algerian Sahara.


Ghassan Halwani’s debut feature “Erased, Ascent of the Invisible” will appear in Wavelengths. The film ruminates on the thousands who disappeared during the Lebanese Civil War and their still-present absence in the lives of their loved ones.


Nine other Arab films were selected to TIFF 2018 line-up including: “A Wedding Day” by Elias Belkeddar from Algeria and “Brotherhood” by Meryam Joobeur from Tunisia in the Short Cuts section; “Tel Aviv on Fire” by Palestinian director Sameh Zoabi in the Discovery section; “EXT. Night” (directed by Ahmad Abdalla – Egypt) and “Look at Me” (by Nejib Belkadhi – Tunisia) in the Contemporary World Cinema program; “When Arabs Danced” (by Jawad Rhalib – Morocco) in the Documentary program; “Sira” (debut feature by Sudanese director Rolla Tahir) and “Walled Unwalled” (by Jordanian director Lawrence Abu Hamdan) in the Wavelengths selection; and “Capernaum” by Nadine Labaki from Lebanon as part of the Special Presentations program.


You can view the full screenings schedule here

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