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AFAC Announces Twenty-two New Grantees in Visual Arts

30 Jul, 2018 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC is happy to announce the selection of 22 new projects as part of its 2018 Visual Arts grants program.


The 2018 Visual Arts jury committee included President and Director of Sharjah Art Foundation Hoor Al Qasimi (UAE), director of the ifa-Galerie Berlin Alya Sebti (Morocco) and independent curator Tarek Abou El Fetouh (Egypt).


 This year, AFAC received 208 applications (compared to 138 applications in 2017) out of which 82% were submitted by individuals (36% female artists and 46% male artists) and 18% by institutions. Half the applications came from Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine while the other 50% came from other countries including Algeria (2%), Iraq (1%), Jordan (4%), Kuwait (2%), Libya (1%), Morocco (5%), Sudan (2%), Syria (7%), Tunisia (5%) and Yemen (1%).


The process of evaluation happened in two stages: a pre-selection of around 100 projects was made by a committee of readers and a final selection by the jury committee.


After two days of meetings and discussions, the jury selected 22 projects (15 individuals and 7 institutions) to receive a total of $ 325,000 in grants. The selected projects hail from Egypt (6), Lebanon (5), Tunisia (2), Algeria (1), Iraq (1), Kuwait (1), Libya (1), Morocco (1), Palestine (1), Sudan (1), Syria (1) and Italy/Iraq (1).


Commenting on the reviewed applications and selected projects, the jury stated:

“We were delighted to have taken part in the jury for AFAC’s grants for visual arts and to work together to deliberate upon proposals of a very high quality. The jury went through nearly 100 applications submitted by individuals and institutions of which 22 were chosen.

The selected individual artists, both established and emerging, work in a broad range of mediums; many dealing with history, unknown archives and bringing multiple voices to challenge the single narrative. It was exciting to see projects that are positioned at the intersection of storytelling and technology, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality, digital archives and other new media, noting that most of the projects shed light on pertinent political, social and environmental issues.

We strongly believe that it is important to support art institutions to continue their essential work that might not be able to flourish without the backing of funding bodies like AFAC.

We would have loved to have seen more applications from the Maghreb region and the Gulf, hopefully more artists will consider applying in the future. We would also encourage AFAC to consider adding the French language to the application system.” 


The Winning Projects

A Kurdish Archive by DARST
A Thigh Over the Spy by Shirin Abu Shaqra
Alive - A7ya2 by Aicha El Beloui
CairoComix 4 by The Ninth Art
Chiron by Adelita Husni Bey
Father and Son by Akram Zaatari
Impersonal Memory by Ali Tnani
La Vitrine by Beirut Art Residency
Lam Adri Ma Tiba Al Inaq Ala Al Hawa / Fragments for an Arab melancholy by Nasri Sayegh
Let the Sea Eat Me: To Perform a Ferry by Mohamed Abdul-Karim
Mapping Publishing: 5 Photo-Novels by Fehras Publishing Practices
My Dear Friends by Roger Anis
Of Words and Stones by Beirut Art Center
Old Wishes by Abdalsalam Alhaj
Roznama - Studio program by Medrar for Contemporary art

The End of the World is not Tomorrow by Doa Aly
The Jerusalem Show IX by Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
The Space Between Classrooms by Alia Farid
Vox Populi by Lara Baladi
Wandering Wandering with a Sun on my Back by Bassam Al-Sabah
We Dreamt of Utopia and We Woke Up Screaming by Yasmina Reggad
Yellow as the Sky by Malek Gnaoui

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