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Photo collage by Dar El-Nimer

“Film Tuesdays” in Partnership with Dar El-Nimer

31 May, 2018 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) and Dar El-Nimer are pleased to announce a two-month long partnership throughout the months of June and Jule which will bring forward a weekly series of screenings showcasing the works of Arab filmmakers from the Maghreb and Egypt supported by AFAC over the past years.


Entitled “Film Tuesdays”, the series will offer local audiences a film screening each week and a glimpse at independent filmmaking in North Africa and Egypt. Curated by AFAC and Dar El-Nemer, the screenings are open to the public and will be held at the Dar El-Nimer Auditorium.


June Program:

As I Open My Eyes (2015)

Dir. Leyla Bouzid (Tunisia)

1h 40min | Arabic with English subtitles

Tuesday June 5, 18:00 - 19:45

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor


Tunis, summer of 2010. A few months before the revolution, Farah turns 18. She joins a politically-engaged band of musicians and discovers freedom and love against her mother Hayet’s will, who is more conscious of Tunisia and its taboos. The two women are opposed in a conflict. When Farah finally sets free, it is only to end up in the hands of the state police


Leila Bouzid is a Tunisian born and raised filmmaker. She studied French literature at the University of Paris and film directing at La Fémis. Her shorts ‘Twitching’ (2011) and ‘Zakaria’ (2013) both won awards at the Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers. ‘As I Open My Eyes’ (2015) is her first feature, which premiered in Venice Days and won the Muhr Fiction Feature award at the Dubai International Film Festival


Until the Birds Return (2017)

Dir. Karim Moussaoui (Algeria)

1h 48min | Arabic with English Subtitles

Tuesday June 12, 18:00 - 19:45

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor

Mourad is a businessman who rose to success in Algeria in the 2000s. Now he's a new man who wants to stay away from trouble. Aisha is done with the past. She's about to start a new life as a married woman. Dahman is a doctor; he wants to marry his cousin. Each one of those characters will have to accept the consequences of his/her choice


Karim Moussaoui is a founding member of the cultural association promoting the cinema Chrysalide in Algiers. He was also in charge of film programming at the French Institute of Algeria in Algiers for several years. His medium-length film ‘the Days Before’ was selected for several festivals (including Locarno, Clermont-Ferrand and Brive) and nominated for Best Short Film César in 2015, and won the Grand Prix du Jury at the Première Plans Festival in Angers in 2014. His film ‘Until the Birds Return’ was presented as part of the selection ‘Un certain regard’ at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival


The Sea is Behind (2014)

Dir. Hicham Lasri (Morocco)

1h 28min | Arabic with English subtitles

Tuesday June 19, 18:00 - 19:30

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor


In this ramshackle world, between fantasy and fantastic, lives a man, Tarik. Tarik wears makeup and dresses as a woman. He dances on a cart drawn by a dying horse and a father who doesn’t watch him anymore. He dances to the sound of a brass band composed of poor wretches, outcasts, punks, with or without dogs, and misfits who are filled with inertia. Followed by the crowd, Tarik vibrates with feminine sensuality, abandoning himself to this passion, his face barred by a moustache claiming his truncated manhood


Hicham Lasri is a director, writer and comic book creator. Working with multiple outputs he written three plays: ‘Rêve!’ (2006), ‘ZemZem’ (2008) and ‘Les Invisibles’ (2017); and two novels: ‘Stati©’ (2010) and ‘Sainte Rita’ (2015); and two graphic novels – ‘Vaudou’ (2015) and ‘Fawda’ (2017). Also, he has directed five movies: ‘The End’ (2012), ‘C’est Eux les Chiens’ (2013), ‘The Sea Is Behind’ (2014), ‘Starve Your Dog’ (2015) and ‘Headbang Lullaby’ (2017). His movies have been selected for the Berlinale 2015, 2016 and 2017, and for Acid Cannes in 2012 and 2013


Hedi (2016)

Dir. Mohamed Ben Attia (Tunisia)

1h 28min | Arabic with English subtitles

Tuesday June 26, 18:00 - 19:30

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor


Hedi is a simple young man. He is not very talkative, not very reactive and does not expect much from the life that is traced for him. Indifferent to everything around him, he just takes life as it comes. He allows his authoritarian and overwhelming mother to organise his marriage to Khedija. He allows his boss to send him on a prospection trip to Mahdia during the week of his wedding celebrations. And he allows Ahmed, his brother who has come back from France especially to take part in the ceremony, dictate how he should behave. In other words, he takes it all as it comes. He understands what is happening to him, but he just waits for things to go by


In Mahdia, he meets Rim who works as an activity leader in a hotel, a seaside resort that is losing its tourists. At first, intrigued by her insouciance and frivolity, Hedi ends by getting involved in a passionate love relationship. In the meantime, while the wedding preparations go on, Hedi is finally forced to make a choice


Mohamed Ben Attia was born in Tunis in 1976. He studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valenciennes in France after graduating from the Institut de Hautes Études Commerciales (IHEC) in Tunis in 1998. He has directed five short films. ‘Hedi’, his feature-film debut, had its world premiere at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Best First Film Award and the Silver Bear for Best Actor. The film has been released in more than 20 countries, has taken part in numerous festivals around the world, and has won many awards.


The July program will be announced soon.


About Dar El-Nimer

Located in the heart of Beirut, Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture is an independent non- profit art foundation for historical, modern and contemporary cultural productions from Palestine and the region. Dar El-Nimer promotes deep historical awareness and keen intellectual maturity by hosting productions by curators, writers, historians, performers, musicians and filmmakers, whose works engage with the challenging social realities and political currents shaping the region. Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture is also responsible for the El-Nimer Collection.

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