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25 New Trainings and Regional Events Projects to Receive AFAC Grants

03 Dec, 2018 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is pleased to announce that 25 new projects were selected to receive grants in the Trainings and Regional Events category of its 2018 General Grants program with a total support of $400,000. Previously titled Research, Trainings and Regional Events, the grants program has been revised this year to exclude the research component and focus on trainings and events only. Research is now being supported through a dedicated program, Research on the Arts (RAP).


The 2018 Trainings and Regional Events jurors’ committee brought together Moroccan journalist and editor Maria Daif, the British Council’s Country Manager in Yemen Rowaida Al Khulaidi, and sociologist and researcher Rim Naguib from Egypt.


Having read and evaluated the projects individually over a month, the jurors met at the AFAC offices over two days and had comprehensive discussions about each project. The 25 projects (6 individuals and 19 institutions) were chosen from 154 applications received in 2018 during AFAC’s open call for applications.


Commenting on the selection, the jury made the following statement:

The TR jury committee brought us together – three Arab women from the extreme Arab Mashreq to the Maghreb region – to gain the opportunity to evaluate a profusion of artistic and cultural projects. This experience granted us hope and confidence in the great potential in our region, despite all the difficulties and obstacles that the cultural practitioners are faced with in the region.

During the evaluation process, we took into consideration the differences in opinions and experiences of the jury members. This diversity, far from slowing down the selection, further enhanced the discussions and decision-making process.

The variety that we saw in the proposed projects delighted us, in terms of mediums, subjects, approaches and execution. This revealed the consciousness of the applicants and their connection with the needs, issues and dreams of their respective communities. Furthermore, we felt their desire to distribute the works of Arab artists and render them available to a wider audience inside and outside Arab countries, to raise voices that have long been marginalized.

However, we have noticed the low number of projects proposed by women or by institutions led by women, and the lack of projects from some Arab countries.

We had hoped to see regional projects that would be organized by actors from different Arab countries, thereby creating real, strong and worthy partnerships for the change of the current artistic and cultural scene.

We thank AFAC for the opportunity that it granted us as a jury committee to discover all these rich and innovative projects. We also thank them for the efforts undertaken to insure the integrity and quality of the jury evaluation process, and for the vital role that AFAC plays in supporting Arab arts and culture.”


 The next Training and Regional Events call for submissions opens June 1st, 2019.


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